Independent’s Day

George the Eagle

What a nice surprise! The Theme Park Insider Awards were just announced – and we won Best New Roller Coaster for 2015! Or, rather, Thunderbird did … Proud to be the only *independent* park to win: @ThemePark #FamilyOwned — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) July 5, 2015 Reviewing the list of winners, the awards all…

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Watch us on CNBC!

Are you a fan of CNBC’s “On the Money”? Well, they’re talking roller coasters on tomorrow’s show … Excited to see Thunderbird featured on @OnTheMoney tomorrow! @CNBC — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) June 27, 2015 “On the Money” airs Sunday evening at 6:30pm CDT on CNBC.

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Geek now, or forever hold your peace

VP James and Kari

Okay, so we can officially let the cat out of the bag now. Travel Channel was here today. But that wasn’t the secret. What we couldn’t talk about ahead of time was what this new show is about. Well, we still have to keep quiet about that. Sorry. But we can tell you who the…

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Clearly, we have friends in smart places

All I’ve heard since sharing this is, “I want one!” Cool, huh? So this is how my #3dprinted @HolidayWorld #thunderbird project is coming along, paint & trains needed #WillPower — Matthew Summers (@shangalaing) June 21, 2015

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Kids say the darndest things!

You probably have to be a grandparent like me to remember Art Linkletter. (Spellcheck proves my point, stating there’s no such word as Linkletter. Sigh.) Mr. Linkletter made a career out of talking to young children and reacting to their unfiltered comments. His TV show’s “Kids Say the Darndest Things” segment was a hoot. This…

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“Totally worth the trip!”

Ah, the company we keep … 6 new roller coasters you’ve got to try this summer! @BraveNewJoel — CNN Travel (@CNNTravel) June 12, 2015

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Will Rayvon ride Raven?

… and can you say that five times fast? We’re so excited to host our park alum, American Idol finalist Rayvon Owen tomorrow. Guess who's coming to visit us on Friday! #MeetAndGreet @RayvonOwen @AmericanIdol #ParkAlum — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) June 4, 2015 Rayvon’s meet and greet is Friday at 2pm CDT. We’ll be hanging…

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The typo heard round the World

Leah on a unicycle

Well, that’s embarrassing. As someone who types every last letter of every single word – even when texting, a slip of the index finger can lead to a stunning repercussion. As Sophia from The Golden Girls would say, “Picture it: White House, Tennessee; 2015 …” Our Entertainment staff is off-site this weekend, deep into rehearsals…

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Thunderbird fever

Thunderbird's Immelmann loop

Seriously. A few of our invited guests for Thursday’s Thunderbird Media Preview have mentioned calling in to work this week, sick with the Thunderbird Flu. My version of this mysterious illness? Sleeplessness (note the time of this post) and an inability to type the word Thursday at the first try. Somehow, it always comes out…

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A job well done

Thunderbird at night

How’s this for a great recruitment tool? Don't you wish you worked here? #EmployeeNight #Thunderbird — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) April 18, 2015 That right – six hours of Thunderbird rides this afternoon and evening. In fact, the fun is still going on! If this looks like your kind of place to work (full-time or…

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Because at heart we’re all 8 years old

Up in the Thunderbird station a few minutes ago, Leah nudged me and pointed: "Clean-up on Wing 4!" — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) April 8, 2015 Sometimes you just have to go for it. The low-hanging fruit, that is …

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I know. I want to see pictures, too.

Thunderbird's Wingtips

Jordan is one of our Security officers. He makes the rounds in the evening, so we often take time for a brief chat. It makes me happy to see Jordan. My maternal grandfather was a policeman in New Haven, Connecticut. He was a “cop on the beat” until he retired. He was offered other positions…

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