Podcast episode 006: … the day before Opening Day

It’s April 22, the day before Opening Day for our 70th Birthday Season. And so today’s podcast episode is 70 minutes long. By coincidence, yes, but we’re still pleased with ourselves. A few photos to pique your interest: Two of our upcoming holidays. First, May the 4th: And Mother Goose Day: The chat about our history…

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Podcast: The one with the fast-talking New Yorker

Every time we sit down to record a new episode, it is with the determination to keep the length at less than an hour. And every time, we fail. Stephen came up with a good idea – he pulled out a portion of one of our longer discussions and will create a mini-episode for next…

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Podcast highlights: Thunderbird, blue sand, and Will

We’re half-way between podcast episode 003 and 004, so here are 003’s highlights, with video: The Mystic Blue name for our new filter sand … … (which is clearly not blue), reminds me of this post from the first year we blogged, 2005: Q: When is the color green … blue? We sure hope you’re…

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Podcast: The one with the Blue Sandman

Another podcast is in the can. The HoliCan, as it were. In it you will hear #FlashBackFriday stories about Thunderbird-planning obsessions. Also, we’ll each reveal our favorite Splashin’ Safari attraction and share a story about Will Koch. Plus this (hint: VP James is back): And tons more. Plus, another rousing round of our 70 Degrees…

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Oh what fun it is to research and revisit our past – with oh so many wonderful stories we have to tell from our 70 years! Here’s a share of a video our ACE friend Sean posted on YouTube. (ACE = American Coaster Enthusiasts. Yes, that’s a thing.) For the backstory about the day CBS’s 48…

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The Legend reborn

We’ve teased you long enough. Here’s what we’re working on for our 70th Birthday season: We hope you’re as excited as we are to experience our wooden coasters again for the first time – especially The Legend! (Oh, and Thunderbird, too!) This snow won’t last forever … By the way, if you’ve been meaning to…

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These ‘lab rats’ rode for Will

We have always been a huge MythBusters family. Growing up, we knew all of the hosts by name, and at times talked about them like they were old friends. Once William, my younger brother, got a season on DVD, we watched it 24/7. Dad was definitely okay with this. He loved watching MythBusters, too. Dad…

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Happy Underwear Day!

I kid you not. There’s such a thing as “Underwear Day.” And I guess we’re meant to celebrate that fact. … which reminds me of a blog post from long ago. Really. When I went into Will’s office more than a decade ago to ask him what he thought about us starting a blog, I…

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A family tradition

Lori and Leah Koch on Thunderbird

Paula’s note: It was pure delight watching the Kochs ride Thunderbird for the very first time. Our owners – Lori, Lauren, Leah and William – were beside themselves as they scrambled to switch seats and ride again. Later that evening, I texted them to ask for a volunteer to continue Will’s tradition of blogging after…

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Thunderbird: All it takes is Will Power

Leah, Lauren and the Will Power sign

When we announced Thunderbird nearly nine months ago (I’ll refrain from any “giving birth” jokes, for now anyway), it was the start of an incredible journey. At the same time, it was the last high-banked turn in a much longer journey – the realization of a decade-long dream to add a remarkable steel roller coaster…

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Our Values: So much more than free soft drinks

Holiday World Logo

When choosing a place to spend precious time with family and friends, many trip planners pay special attention to value. Because we’re all on a budget, right? We receive a lot of kudos each year for offering free soft drinks, free parking, and more. Values, though, go much deeper than just the pocketbook. About a…

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“He roller coaster, he got early warning”

Last Piece of Track

As a rule, I don’t do mushy. Especially not in front of others. And especially not while blogging. It’s like I always say, “Friends don’t let friends blog and get sentimental.” Okay, I’m kidding. I think we all know I’ve had a few sappy blog posts. So, what’s one more mushy story? Let me set…

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