Free Unlimited Soft Drinks? Really! Find your favorite flavors in the Restaurant and Oasis locations listed below.

Kringle’s Kafé Christmas
Santa’s Snacks Christmas
The Alamo 4th of July

George’s Gluten Free Pizza & Snacks 4th of July

Hot Diggity Dogs 4th of July (Holidog’s FunTown)

Raging Rapids Oasis 4th of July

Rough Riders Oasis 4th of July

Sweet Stuff 4th of July

Goblin Burgers Halloween

Legend Oasis Halloween

Plymouth Rock Café Thanksgiving

The SmokeHouse Thanksgiving (Thunderbird Plaza)

Voyage Oasis Thanksgiving

Bahari Snacks Splashin’ Safari

Bakuli Oasis Splashin’ Safari

Hyena Falls Oasis Splashin’ Safari

Jungle Jake’s Splashin’ Safari

The Wave Oasis Splashin’ Safari

Wildebeestro Splashin’ Safari
ZOOMbabwe Grill Splashin’ Safari

ZOOMbabwe Grill Indoor Dining Oasis Splashin’ Safari

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