Let’s start with TripAdvisor reviews:

And here are 20 more reasons:

  1. Two parks – Holiday World Theme Park and Splashin’ Safari Water Park – for one great price!
  2. Thunderbird steel roller coaster – the nation’s first launched wing coaster!
  3. Free soft drinks. Just sayin’ … Gatorade, pink lemonade, peach tea, sodas, coffee and water. Help yourself all day long!
  4. TripAdvisor proclaimed Splashin’ Safari to be the the Best Water Park in the Midwest.
  5. The friendliest bunch of employees you’ll ever find – that’s why they’re called Hosts & Hostesses.
  6. Free parking. Really.
  7. Voted the Cleanest Park in the World for more than a decade. We’re a bit fanatical.
  8. Fun live shows – with singing, dancing, and diving. (But not at the same time.)
  9. Holiday World is the world’s first theme park (we opened, as Santa Claus Land, in 1946 – that’s nine years before Mr. Disney got started!).
  10. Yummy food, from pizza and burgers to Thanksgiving Dinner. Reasonably-priced, too!
  11. Mammoth and Wildebeest – the two longest water coasters on the planet.
  12. Consumers Digest magazine named us America’s “Top Value Park.” Twice!
  13. Free inner tube usage. Free Wi-Fi, too.
  14. Special menus for those with food allergies.
  15. TIME magazine named The Voyage the #1 Wooden Roller Coaster in America.
  16. We’ve received more than a thousand “Excellent” TripAdvisor.com reviews.
  17. Free sunscreen. (You know you always leave yours at home on the kitchen counter!)
  18. Holidog hugs. Kitty Claws, too.
  19. We’re in Santa Claus, Indiana. We’ve got that whole Mayberry vibe going on here. You’ll feel safe and happy in a sweet, old-fashioned way.
  20. Your family deserves it!