Ever wonder what it feels like to fly? We could ask the witches and ghosts from Halloween, or just hop on HallowSwings for a thrilling spin. Pumpkins, witches, ghosts and bats adorn this colorful swing ride. It’s one of the prettiest nighttime rides in the park! Check out these stories, videos and photos about the HallowSwings here on our HoliBlog.

Tips For Your Visit

  • Ride at night when all the pretty lights are shining!
  • Be sure to take off flip-flops or other footwear that doesn’t fit snuggly before boarding the ride.
  • Lockers are provided free of charge per ride cycle for any valuable items.  Holiday World locker keys are permitted on the ride as long as they are properly secured.
  • Scope out the ride seats before you ride – there are two sizes.
  • Be sure to wear your hat backwards or (remove it).
  • For a different ride experience, close your eyes.
  • If your little one isn’t tall enough for HallowSwings, but is at least 42″ tall, then Sparkler is the ride for you!
  • On HallowSwings, even the skulls are smiling!
  • Want to fly by more stories and photos? Look here on our HoliBlog.