It’s time to burn off some energy, so head on over to Holidog’s Treehouse! With three stories of interactive playground fun, children (plus older siblings and adults accompanying their children) can climb and slide together!

Tips For Your Visit

  • The structure is sturdy enough for adults, too, who are accompanying their under-54″ children.
  • Please remind older children to keep an eye out for little ones while playing in the treehouse.
  • Be careful on walkways and stairs, especially when wet.
  • If your child is not quite ready for Holidog’s Treehouse, look behind it and you’ll find Just for Pups, a smaller version of some Treehouse structures.
  • Holidog’s FunTown is least busy early and late in the day.
  • This attraction is not recommended for Guests who have back or neck condition or have had recent surgery, injury, or illness.