Hyena Falls is four distinctly different in-the-dark water slides. The longest slide is 350 feet and includes a “wave” element – similar to our Zinga water ride – for a really cool ending. Grab an inner tube – and a friend – and ride Hyena Falls. You just might laugh yourself silly! Need a few more giggles? Check out our posts about Hyena Falls on the HoliBlog.

Tips For Your Visit

  • Give each slide a try – they’re very different!
  • The “Laughs” slide, the first of its kind in the world, is the highest and longest – maybe work your way up to riding that one.
  • The other three slides’ names are Chuckles, Giggles and Tee Hee. Ride them all!
  • Ride with a friend – the extra weight from the second person makes for a wilder ride!
  • Scared of the dark? Go ahead and scream!