ZOOMbabwe (pronounced: zoom-BOB-way) is the World’s Largest Enclosed Waterslide. An in-the-dark thrill ride, ZOOMbabwe transports families down 10 stories with steep drops, fast back-and-forth action, banked curves, and a huge splash back into the sunlight. Nearly 900-feet long, the purple ZOOMbabwe provides unexpected twists, sudden drops and the thrill of riding in complete darkness. That’s right; total darkness. Turn on a light and learn more here on our HoliBlog.

Tips For Your Visit

  • Be prepared for complete darkness!
  • Hold on tight!
  • Watch out for sudden drops, with no warning. Oh wait, it’s really dark – so you can’t “watch.” Just be aware – and hold on tightly!
  • Sorry, for safety reasons we do not permit single riders.
  • ZOOMbabwe was so dark that we poked some holes along the way – they’re in the shape of cool African masks.
  • ZOOMbabwe is the world’s largest enclosed water slide. Yes, it’s that big.