On track

Actually, Thunderbird‘s construction isn’t “on track” – we’re running two weeks ahead of schedule! So says Matt, our president. When I mentioned that to VP James, his eyes got really big. I’m not sure if engineers are allowed to believe in jinxes, but I had a feeling that’s what was going on in his head. As my husband always says, “You can think it, but just don’t say it!” Well, Matt not only said it, he said it to a reporter. In England. (I know better than to say UK – right, sports fans?) And so, here is proof of…

What’s that? Flying through the trees …

It’s Thunderbird, of course! Thunderbird track count: 5 up and 72 to go. #HW2015 pic.twitter.com/RuzR5BsjVn — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) September 8, 2014

The Secret: How we kept it

It’s been a little more than a month since our announcement for 2015, and I’m still in shock that we managed to keep this massive project under wraps. And I’m even more in shock that our fans just loved that we kept the secret. Frankly, we were all braced for people to discover it two days out. We decided if that happened, it would be okay. After all, we still had an awesome teaser video to reveal. Two days out, though, a message popped up in Paula’s Facebook inbox: Someone had found our trademark application. He admitted it took him…

A bird’s eye view

The downside of visiting the Thunderbird construction site on a Sunday, there’s just isn’t much going on … The upside, of course, is you can take a photo like this: Above? Well that’s Thunderbird’s brake run. Here’s another view: It’s amazing to see so many pieces of bright orange track scattered around the staging area, knowing that in just a few months there will be loops and dives and crossovers galore. For now, though, we have a field of corn separating much of the steel track and supports from the construction site. The track that’s being put in place right…


VP James managed to find the construction site amidst this morning's heavy fog. #HW2015 #Thunderbird #tristatewx pic.twitter.com/d7gS1PUXvi — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) August 21, 2014

Orange is the New Track

On July 24, while our Thunderbird announcement was still underway, there it was on Twitter: Orange is the New Track. I’d gladly give credit to the clever person who tweeted that witty phrase within seconds of seeing our Thunderbird animation, but alas, Twitter won’t give me access that far back in our “notification” history. (We have been tweeted-at a lot lately!) Whoever you are – bravo! Because suddenly, we all love orange. Matt, of course, he’s always been an orange fan. In fact, he insists it’s his favorite color. Orange is the new Matt? No, no, no … sorry. If…

Aw shucks, that track is pretty!

That's right, nothing but cornfields around here … #HW2015 #OrangeIsTheNewTrack #Thunderbird pic.twitter.com/1Bz1qyjFd2 — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) August 5, 2014

Countdown to launch

This tweet was from last night, so now we’re at T-8months:27days! 8 months and 28 days. #HW2015 #Thunderbird http://t.co/psuknKZkwc pic.twitter.com/blrJMYuw1m — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) July 29, 2014

Timing is everything

In case you were wondering … This is why we announced Thunderbird last week. Sort of hard to hide 29 truckloads of track and supports! #HW2015 pic.twitter.com/MJ8RrINp1w — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) July 28, 2014

The Legend of the Thunderbird

After the most amazing new-ride announcement we could have asked for, some people are a bit confused. They like the fact that we’re getting a steel coaster, but they don’t get how Thunderbird belongs in Holiday World. Especially in our Thanksgiving section. The Voyage is easily the best name. It’s simple. It tells a story in a word. But that name was already taken. So we had to start getting creative. Really creative. When I first heard the name Thunderbird, like some others, I cringed a bit. I didn’t see the fit. But I started researching. And researching. And it…