Flick? Who’s Flick?

Isn’t it funny how the mind works? (Advance apologies to anyone who isn’t an A Christmas Story aficionado.) This morning, Matt and I had a pre-dawn appointment to head to Owensboro, Kentucky, to join Chad and Brett for a half hour on their WBKR morning show. So at 4:45am, I was getting a cup of coffee and trying to resist looking at the weather app on my phone. Because the number wasn’t positive. If you know what I mean. And rather than forcing my mind to think of something other than the brain freeze I was about to experience, suddenly…

Roller coaster countdown

Snowy Track

Everybody loves a good countdown, right? And when you’re building a launched roller coaster, it’s even more appropriate. Confession time: Back in the summer, toward the end of our 66 Days at Sea teaser campaign leading up to our big Thunderbird announcement, I slapped this title on one of Leah’s blog posts without running it through the usual eight thousand or so filters noisily housed in my feeble brain: “T-minus 12 days” Seemed like a fun reminder that in less than two weeks all would be revealed. Only moments later, though, someone chirped up online with: “It’s a launched coaster!…

Barn-again coaster

Thunderbird Steel Roller Coaster - Flythrough Building Detail

If you’ve watched our Thunderbird animation, you already know that our new roller coaster doesn’t exactly sputter to a lackluster ending. Not hardly. In fact, we save not one – but two – of the most amazing “near misses” for the end of the ride. We call this our Fly-Through Barn. Here’s a slightly more dramatic angle: Fear not! This is perfectly safe, as VP James explains in our newest edition of the Hard Hat Chronicles: We have a feeling this particular pair of “near-misses” will be Thunderbird’s most popular, hands down. Or, rather, hands up. Opening Day is April…

Made in Germany

No, we’re not referring to the Koch family, although they certainly carry a strong heritage from their Germanic ancestors. We’re talking about something called a flywheel. Two, actually. VP James explains in this edition of The Hard Hat Chronicles: Thunderbird, our new steel roller coaster – the first launched wing coaster on the continent – opens April 25, just 77 days from today. Oh, you prefer to ride in 76 days? Be sure to line up some Holiday World Season Passes for you and your family and you get an invitation to ride April 24. And if you’d like an…

The view from Voyage

VP Chris took a stroll up The Voyage’s lift hill yesterday. The late afternoon sun was magical. It. Glows. #nofilter pic.twitter.com/E5ohycGEs5 — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) January 20, 2015 Thunderbird roller coaster opens in just 95 days.

The height of anticipation

Thunderbird's keyhole building

One of the most  common questions we receive when we add a new roller coaster is, “How tall do you have to be to ride?” And then a few also ask, “How tall is too tall?” Meet Andy. He’s on the high end of the measuring stick. Andy is one of our four Attractions Managers. He was sweating it for a while when we announced Thunderbird. … because he loves roller coasters and could hardly imagine coming to work every day without being able to ride our new steel coaster. Thunderbird is a wing coaster, meaning your feet are dangling….

These dummies are ready

There’s something about test dummies. They’re very eager. Case in point: Thunderbird will have two trains. One is here already and the other will arrive next month. Testing begins in February, but the dummies don’t care. When you want a front seat for the first launch, you don’t mess around. You make arrangements to be available. With just 98 days till Opening Day, these dummies are ready to ride! #Thunderbird pic.twitter.com/Dwu1Ie3uFR — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) January 17, 2015 To answer the many questions about how we’ll choose the first riders for our Media Preview Day (yes, we’re already hearing from…

Three digits today, two tomorrow

Tempus fugit. Thunderbird opens in 100 days. Sleep now, for once this mighty bird spreads his wings, there will be no rest. pic.twitter.com/YtdrSEAYDL — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) January 16, 2015 And in 100 days, Thunderbird fugit.

Thunderbird countdown

Launchtime is quickly approaching … who’s starving for a ride? Thunderbird opens in 101 days. Season Passholders ride in 100 days. http://t.co/i1F14d0ITJ #BestDiscountsEndThursday pic.twitter.com/w8X1XrqK9z — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) January 14, 2015 Season Pass discounts are at their deepest right now – and expire this Thursday at midnight (January 15). So if five hours of Thunderbird roller coaster rides, along with The Voyage, Crow’s Nest, Mayflower, Turkey Whirl, The Raven, The Legend and more sound like your kind of Friday evening, be sure to get your Season Passes now. Our new Easy Pay option? Thanks to those who suggested it –…

Mother Nature can be oh, so cold

Thunderbird Sunset

… but she sure can deliver some cool sunsets! Thanks to @HolidayWorld for this picture of tonight's sunset! Have a photo? Send it to reportit@wishtv.com! pic.twitter.com/JcF0xFKL8K — WISH-TV (@WISH_TV) January 6, 2015 Yes, indeed, Orange is the New Track … as was the sky around Thunderbird. Voyage is certainly in the pink this evening. Stay warm! April 25 is not that far away!