Louis J. KochThis year, we’re celebrating 75 Years of Memories with our Guests. Since Louis J. Koch opened Santa Claus Land in 1946, families have visited and made treasured memories in Santa Claus, Indiana. We’re excited to celebrate how much we’ve grown, and how our family-owned roots inspire us to this day. We’re excited to share the story of each of our Guests. 

We have a lot planned for our 75 Years Celebration, and we’re excited to share with you soon. Stay tuned as we continue to share what the 2021 season has in store for us. 

In the meantime, here’s a letter from Fourth-Generation Owner and Director of Communications, Leah Koch: Ticket Booth from Santa Claus Land - "All Kiddie Rides 9¢"

As I reflect on our shortened 2020 Season, I think of how far this team has come. When the shutdown began, our small-but-mighty Full-Time team got to work planning how we could open safely for our Guests and didn’t stop finessing that plan until it was right. We made decisions with imperfect information, but we put everything we had into this season and I’m so proud of the work we did.

It would be easy to remember this year for the challenges we faced, or the times we didn’t get things right, or the many times we wanted to give up.

Instead, I’m choosing to remember the challenges we overcame, the times we adjusted when things weren’t right, and the times we wanted to give up but kept charging ahead.

Young girl in front of the Santa Statue in 1948

This season—strange as it sounds—may have been our finest. Our Seasonal Team Members pulled together like never before and supported each other (from six feet apart). Our entire team got the parks ready in record time when we were back from the shutdown, and they adapted lightning-fast to changes as they emerged. It was an honor to see our team choose each day to give families what they needed most: a break from the outside world.

To all the Guests who chose to spend time with us this season: thank you. We’re so grateful that you chose to visit us, and we hope we were able to give you a momentary break from reality. I hope we could be a bright spot in an otherwise-stressful year.

Since Santa Claus Land opened in 1946, all my family has ever wanted was to create a happy place for families to make memories together. As we look forward to next year—when we’ll be celebrating 75 Years of Memories—we can’t wait to hear your memories, see your photos, and celebrate with you.

I think we’ve all earned a big celebration after this year.