Faster. Safer. A better experience for you!

Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari is going cashless in 2023 to provide faster service and increased security. All locations throughout the park will continue to accept most credit cards as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay. For Guests who normally bring cash, free cash-to-card kiosks will be available throughout both parks. 

We’re sure you have some questions. And we’ll do our best to answer all of them below.


Going Cashless Questions

Why is Holiday World going cashless?

Moving to cashless operations is going to offer faster and more secure transactions around the park, and allow you to move through lines faster on the day of your visit!

What type of payments do Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari accept?

  • Master Card
  • Visa
  • Discover Card
  • HoliCash
  • NEW in 2023: ReadyCARD, available through our cash-to-card kiosks

Guests may pay with their credit cards or with Apple Pay or Google Pay. 

Kiosk Questions

What if I only have cash?
Guests who only bring cash can add it to a card at one of the cash-to-card kiosks that will be located throughout the park. For a full list, see the following questions. 

Where can I find kiosks to convert cash to a card?

  • Front Gate
  • Liberty Bell Gift Shop
  • Merlin’s Castle Games
  • The Voyage Gift Shop
  • Splashin’ Safari Rentals

Pro-tip: The Holiday World team anticipates kiosk locations inside the park will be less popular and only recommends using the Front Gate locations for ticket purchases.

Will I have to share any personal information?

No personal information is needed to convert your cash onto a card at one of our kiosks. You can choose to receive a digital copy of your transaction receipt by entering your phone number.

How much cash can I load onto a card?

You can load up to $500 per kiosk transaction. If you’d like to load more, you can simply repeat the process for a second card.


Card Usage Questions

How long will it take to get a prepaid card?

We anticipate that it will take most Guests less than 2 minutes to input their cash and receive a card.

Where can I use my prepaid card?

When you convert your cash to a card, the card can be used anywhere in the United States where credit cards are accepted, as well as at all locations within the park. 

Can I reload or add money to my prepaid card?

No, the cards are not reloadable. You can load as much as $500 per card. 

How can I check the balance of my prepaid card?

Guests can check ReadyCARD balances online,  by phone at (866) 345-2315, or check at any kiosk location in the park. 

What if I have money left on my card at the end of my visit?

Your prepaid card can be used anywhere in the US where credit cards are accepted. After 92 days of inactivity, a monthly fee of $3.95 will be charged by ReadyCARD.

What happens if I lose my prepaid card?

When you load cash onto the card, you will have the option to have a receipt texted to you, or you will receive a paper receipt. We highly recommend our Guests provide their phone numbers or take a photo of your receipt immediately upon receiving it. In the event your card is lost, the receipt will provide the information for ReadyCARD’s dedicated Customer Service Team to assist you. 

Is there an approval process to get a prepaid card?

No approval is needed, and no personal information is gathered. 

Are there any fees?

There is no fee to create or use your prepaid card. After 92 days of inactivity, $3.95 will be charged by ReadyCARD each month the card remains inactive.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions about my card?

Please visit the ReadyCARD website or visit Holiday World Guest Relations during your visit.