Last Updated: 3/24/2020

During his twenty-some years serving Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari as park president, my dad—Will Koch Jr.—never missed an opening day. Especially not when a new attraction was on the line. We do everything in our power to uphold his same standard—though circumstances beyond our control may intervene.

I hate to say, but we may not be able to welcome Guests through our gates on our scheduled opening day this year.

Voyage Silhouette Featured Image

We’re around five weeks from our scheduled opening day on May 2, but this year we’re up against forces stronger than most years.

We’re watching reports about COVID-19 from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization carefully and consulting with our colleagues at other parks to find out when it will be safe for both our Guests and Team Members to open. At this time, we can’t share a date with any certainty.

But our opening day is coming. We’re going to do our best to make sure the Platinum Season Passholder event goes on, and we’ll reschedule every other event we can if we’re not able to open in time.

When we reopen, we’ll have changed our operations in ways you may or may not notice. We’ve had our kitchens professionally cleaned this year, and we’re working on getting hand sanitizer readily available all over the park. You may even have to deal with some temporary closures while we sanitize our rides throughout the day.

The important thing that you should know is that we’re ready to rise to the occasion when opening day comes.

What can we say? We’ve been the cleanest park in the world for two decades. You’ve developed high standards, and we plan to continue to exceed them.

What’s important now is that we all follow the recommendations of the CDC and our state governments so we can beat this virus and have the best summer ever.

-Leah Koch,

Fourth-Generation Owner and Director of Communications on behalf of the Koch Family


When will you be able to open? We’re working on creative ways to complete our employee trainings online and keep the groups small as recommended by the CDC. We’re going to do our best to work here safely, but we’ll also follow all recommendations from the CDC and from the state of Indiana. We’ll do our best to be ready as soon as we can when it is time to reopen.

When you open, will everything be ready? The coolest thing about the amusement park industry is that the rides in our park come from around the world. Chance (who built the Mayflower) is in Kansas, but Zamperla (who built Crow’s Nest) is in Italy. The trains for our wooden coasters are inspected and rebuilt every other season by the manufacturer, Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters in Philadelphia. The Voyage trains were there this off-season, and Pennsylvania just shut down all non-essential businesses for two weeks. Even if we open on time, it won’t be enough time to get the trains finished, shipped, and commissioned for Opening Day.

Will Cheetah Chase be ready? As long as we can stick to social distancing on our worksite, we’ll be able to continue work on Cheetah Chase. Our last piece of fiberglass was just placed, so we’re still moving forward. As long as we can keep working, we’ll be ready to open whenever it’s safe.

My group has an event this summer, what if you’re not open? If it appears we won’t be open on the day your group event is scheduled, our sales team will reach out to you shortly to reschedule or give you more options.

I purchased tickets and/or season passes for the 2020 season. What should I expect? Expect that we’ll take care of you if your plans are altered by a change in our opening day. We’re still working hard to get an opening day for you, but things are still very uncertain.

Are you still hiring for 2020? Yes! Instead of doing in-person interviews, we’ll be conducting phone interviews. We’re also taking as much training as possible online and restricting in-person training to group sizes to 10 or fewer as per the state of Indiana’s guidelines. For more information and to apply, click here.