By Paula @ Holiday World

Wow. It’s not just my Mom reading this thing.

An email came in late yesterday afternoon from a lady asking about discounts. When I emailed her back with the information, she replied with this sweet story (I have her permission to post this and use her name):

I remember my Aunt Deanie (who had come home from California for a couple of weeks with her kids) reading about the “new park called Santa Claus Land.” She piled all of us kids in the car (she must have been crazy!) and we headed all the way down there. Long drive then, but less traffic, too.

So, I was 8 years old and we were there one of the first years it opened. I almost cried when I saw on your website showing the very first sign! I ran the video and I swear I saw myself, but everybody back then had ponytails and white blouses. Ha!

I would love to see some more old pix!!

Thanks! K. Flynn-Spires

Here’s a look at the video from our Santa Claus Land days:

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