By Paula @ Holiday World

Just pulled into my parking space and saw, off in the woods, The Raven flying by. It’s roller-coaster testing time.

The train is empty, of course.

But still, what a glorious sight! And the click-click-click sound as the train ascends the lift hill is music to my ears!

We’re adding a second train to The Raven this season. I’m not sure if it’s here yet, but I’ll find out and will let you know.

With the addition of the second train, all sorts of safety contraptions have been added. That’s what they’re deep into roller-coaster testing. In a nutshell, there will always be a set of brakes between the trains. It’s a good system.

We had quite a discussion regarding whether the second train should be “Raven Red” or a different color.

I’ll wait to tell you until I can show you the new train.


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