By Paula @ Holiday World

It’s noisier than usual this spring.

There’s a giant contraption being assembled right across the street in our Legend parking lot.

And it looks like a hot-air balloon:

Unpainted water tower

Actually, it’s a new water tower. Our very own.

That massive sphere will hold half a million gallons. That a lot of H-2-O!

Will Koch likes to refer to the water tower as our “insurance policy.” If a water main in the area would break, we would be able to use our own reserve. Wouldn’t have to close the park and hang up a “Sorry, No Water Today” sign.

This isn’t, of course, a new ride.

But we’re all still pretty excited about our water tower

Meanwhile, a special crew works daily at assembling that monstrosity. If you look closely, you’ll see a welder at work.

Once in a while, we hear a sudden “BOOM!” that has a movie-like echoing sound to it. Each time, I can’t help but glance out the window to make sure the orb-a-plenty hasn’t pulled loose of its moorings and is heading our way.

The pieces, over the next month, will be painted the happy Holiday World colors. Then two huge cranes will lift the “ball” into place.

I just may post from home that day.
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