By Paula @ Holiday World

Anyone driving by Holiday World at lunchtime today probably wondered what sort of tribal ritual we were performing.

A tall man with a flaming torch lit a fire a pan of gasoline and water in the Raven Parking Lot. And we were all lined up (in a circle, actually) so that one by one we could put the fire out with an extinguisher.

Fire extinguisher training


It isn’t exactly on the top of my list of WhatIWantToAccomplishInMyLifeBeforeI’mEighty … but I must admit I’ve always wanted to try out a fire extinguisher.

How convenient to be able to do it without the requisite raging fire, scalding heat, and collapsing buildings.

I was always the obnoxious kid at school who volunteered to go first in Speech Class. So, why change now? (Plus it was starting to rain.)

The key, my friends, is P.A.S.S.:

P = Pull. Pull the pin out. (Don’t squeeze the handle yet, though.)
A = Aim. Easy enough. Aim at the base of the fire.
S = Squeeze. The squeezing part was much easier than I’d expected.
S = Sweep. No, they’re not telling you to sweep up the cinders; it’s the motion of your arm as you move the direction of the hose to quickly extinguish the fire.

Our controller, Matt, heckled me, “Hey, Paula! Is this HoliBloggable?”

Yes, Matt; it is. But please don’t ever say HoliBloggable again!
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