By Paula @ Holiday World

Oh, my gosh — it just hit me! How does time pass so quickly from year to year?

There’s never enough time to get ready.

And now, all of a sudden, we’re down to single digits!

Just eight months till Christmas!

(Faked you out, didn’t I?)

It’s so much fun to be out at the Front Gate during the season, to see the look on our Guests’ faces as they enter the Christmas section. All of a sudden, there’s Christmas music! Some folks look shocked, but then start laughing. Others immediately start singing along. Still others don’t notice; they’re too busy checking to make sure they didn’t already misplace their car keys.

And then there’s the Santa statue. How many families crowd around Santa for a family portrait each summer? It’s really sweet to watch. Sometimes we get to play photographer after offering to step in and snap the photo so that the entire family is in the shot.

He’s all spiffed up and ready for opening day:

Santa statue in 2005

One of my favorite stories from over the years involves the Santa statue.

A young family was walking into the Christmas Plaza. Mom, Dad, and a little girl. She was four, tops, and cute as a button.

Daddy pointed out the Santa statue, “Look, honey, there he is! You’ve been waiting and waiting to see him! Who is it?”

The little dumpling turned to see. Her face suddenly broke into gleeful recognition. She let out a joyous squeal and ran toward the statue as fast as her chubby little legs could take her.

Who is it, honey?


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