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I still get a charge out of using that line. Anything that happpened five or more years ago sounds ancient, since it was “the last century.”

This is part of an email from Marcia, who used to live in Evansville, Ind. Now she’s in Indianapolis and is looking forward to a return visit to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari this summer.

Here’s what she had to say:

Not only was 1991 your first year as an employee of Holiday World, but it was also the first year I had a season pass. I had bought passes for my step-daughter, Jessica (age 11 at the time), and myself in the fall of 1990 for the following summer. Danielle wouldn’t be three years old until the following September, so I knew she would be “free” all that summer.

Well, I was a bit surprised when I ended up getting pregnant that fall and had my son, Jacob, in June. Not one to miss out on my season pass thrills, I packed up all three kids a number of times that summer for a few hours of amusement park fun. I remember meeting Mrs. Koch that winter at a December event (which included a Christmas-themed show) and tearfully thanking her for providing such a wonderful venue for my family. Owning a season pass to an amusement park was a childhood fantasy come true for me, so I used it many times that year.

Now that I live a bit farther away, I haven’t been back to the park since 2000, so my youngest child, Laura (age 11), is really looking forward to riding the Raven for the first time this summer. She has already practiced by riding the simulator version available at Chuck E. Cheese’s. I’ve ridden the ride at Chuck E. Cheese’s, and it does capture the Raven experience pretty well.

My young neighbor girl went on the Chuck E. Cheese version one time (while under my care), and when I walked up to her, I noted she was sitting in a puddle.

Unfortunately, she didn’t know how to stop the ride in order to get to the bathroom in time.


Marcia B., Indianapolis

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