By Paula @ Holiday World

The countdown to Season Opening isn’t just a busy time. It’s also a hungry time.

When you know the pizza ovens will be heating up soon, it makes you want pizza.


And all those funky fudge flavors at Mrs. Klaus’ Kitchen. Bubble-gum fudge sounds mighty tasty.


So in honor of our updated Restaurants and Food Outlets page (thanks, Rachel! Aren’t you glad you asked me to delegate more? You’re now a Code Monkey just like me!), I polled our directors:

Which particular food item are you most looking forward to enjoying on Opening Day?

I’d only just clicked the “send email” button when – ding! – back came Will’s reply:

Will: Polish sausage at Hot Diggity Dogs. Then a Goblin Burger and corn dog at Goblin Burgers.

Now mind you, this was at 8:15 in the morning. What if I’d asked at lunchtime?

Next comes our Director of Food Service:

Wayne: Pizza … plus cheese-filled breadsticks at the new Bahari Snacks.

Brandon, our Director of Human Resources (who, by the way, should find a way to bottle his Miracle Metabolism—-it would be an instant best-seller), just wants a little snack: pork chop sandwich, corn on the cob with extra butter, and a baked potato.

Isn’t that always the way? Sigh!

Vanessa, our Director of Merchandise, can’t wait to buy some Chicken Fajitas.

Joe Hevron, director of Cash Control, Warehouse and Flowers: Everything!

Mrs. Koch is craving Chicken Strips.

So is Matt (our Controller). And Dee Ann (Director of Admissions). And Tori (Director of Rides).

John, our Director of Marketing, says the Brandon Special (see above) sounds mighty good.

April, our Director of Games, is looking forward to her first Taco Salad of the season. Her husband, Chris, is Director of Security (and Entertainment – talk about multi-tasking!). Chris is heading down the freshly-paved Halloween Hill for a Goblin Burger.

Lori, the Director of Splashin’ Safari, says she’s craving a Pickle-on-a-Stick (she just said that to get me to make gagging sounds–and it worked).

Steve, our Director of Development, wants a pork chop sandwich.

And finally…Mike. Actually, we have two Mikes. One is Director of Sales and the other is Director of Safety and Maintenance. I didn’t write down which Mike told me this, so let’s just assume that they both want this on opening day: Pizza.

Me? It’s hard to decide. But I must admit, when I’m walking a travel writer around the park (and that walk gets longer every year) on a hot summer’s day, I surely do appreciate stepping into a Pepsi Oasis building for a free Diet Mountain Dew.

Meanwhile, I have a bag of lettuce in the fridge for lunch. And some prunes.

Opening day can’t come soon enough!

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