By Paula @ Holiday World

We’ve received a number of emails with general questions, so let’s answer them here and now:

Q: Will the HoliBlog continue after opening day?
A: Certainly! If I can make it through this week and still write an entry or two each day (with the help of my friends), there shouldn’t be any problem continuing. On a side note, we just received our monthly report with statistics regarding visitation to our website. Yikes! HoliBlog is the second-most visited page on our site. (More than 10,000 visitors in just three weeks.)

Q: Will the HoliBlog include stories about lesser-known features such as the Betsy Ross Doll House?
A: Sure! It way take a few months, but we’ll try to get to all of your requests.

Q: When will you announce “what’s new” for 2006?
A: The big announcement will take place on Thursday, June 16.

Stay tuned! We’ve got more interesting photos coming soon.
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