By Paula @ Holiday World

About a year and a half ago, Will announced in staff meeting:

I want to see more Guests walking around the park with plush that they’ve won.


I guess this should not have surprised me. Will is, after all, the fellow who came up with the Free Unlimited Soft Drinks program for the year 2000. And the next year, he challenged us to come up with another such program. Lori suggested Free Sunscreen, and we added that.

April, our games director, recently sent me the following list of how many prizes were awarded at the various games in 2004:

Shrek … 1,288

Donkey … 1,315

Hoosier Hysteria Regulation College Basketballs … 10,525

Duck Pond prizes … 42,916

Wacky Cats … 44,140

Skeeball … 44,539

Fried Frogs … 62,824

Approximately 4,200,000 tickets won from Skeeball and the redemption games in Merlin’s Arcade.

It suddenly occurs to me that the above numbers may offend those folks who came away from the skill games empty-handed. And that calling them “skill” games made you feel even worse.


So what’s new this year? For one thing …

New Skeeball machines!

Say bye-bye to the vintage machines:

Original Skeeball machines

They were sold over the last few months on eBay and following news reports. (I promise the HoliBlog will feature future sales.)

Meanwhile, the new Skeeball machines are ready to go for opening day:

new Skeeball machines

Skeeball always includes an assortment of neat prizes. It’s fun to watch children as they oh-so-seriously ponder their options as they get ready to trade in their tickets for something special.

Here’s one of the featured prizes for 2005:

Skeeball prize

Here’s wishing a lot of skill and a tiny smidgen of luck to all our Hosts & Hostesses this opening weekend.
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