By Paula @ Holiday World

Okay, to date I’ve been called sneaky, a tease, and sly. All in the past month.

One fellow even accused me of enjoying the “torcher” of HoliBlog readers. (I believe he meant torture, as I have yet to light anyone on fire.)

So as not to disappoint all those fans, here’s another intriguing photo:

Holiday World mystery

So, where was I when I took this picture? Northeast of the park, on Highway 162, not too far from Yellig Park (the sports park on the north end of town).

To the left, you can see the new water tower. To the right there’s a tiny blotch of yellow (it’s a piece of construction machinery). And even farther to the right…

What’s that?

Can you see it?

Try squinting…

Thanks to Steven in marketing, we’ll point it out a bit more clearly for you:

Holiday World mystery

Still can’t tell what it is? It is pretty far back off the road, so it’s hard to tell exactly what it could be. Let’s use the zoom on this fancy camera.

(There’s nothing like standing by the side of a state highway, fumbling for your reading glasses so you can be sure to push the correct button on the camera.)

Ah! Here we go:

Holiday World mystery wood stack

Gosh. That’s a little fuzzy. Sorry.

Guess I need new reading glasses.

It may take me a day or two to research this new discovery. But I promise, faithful readers, to report back with an answer.

By the way, I just ran the spellcheck program on this entry. You know how they suggest “more appropriate” words when they don’t recognize a word or spelling?

They don’t recognize the word “HoliBlog,” which is certainly understandable.

Instead, they recommend that we use this word:


Thanks a lot!

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