By Paula @ Holiday World

I tease a lot of the directors here at the park:

I’m sure glad you like your job — I sure wouldn’t want to do it!

Happily, not too many of my fellow employees are camping out at my office door, either.

It’s nice to be well-suited to your job. Your career.

What about these guys?

Painting our water tower in 2005

Painting the water tower.

Could you imagine?

Of course, there are those who love to build (and maintain) coasters. And others who hunger to feed the masses. Another who wheels and deals to squeeze every bit out of our advertising dollars. And still others who pay the bills and balance the books.

But hanging on the side of a water tower?

Oh, my!

By the way, for those of you who have been reading this HoliBlog for a while, you may be astonished that the logo in the photo is not the one explained by Will a while back in his Zinga Ball post.

Apparently, plans changed back to the preferred “stacked-format” logo when a painter specializing in distorting-logos-so-that-they-look-right-on-a-curved-surface came into town.


By the way, I needed to come back to work last night for a few things and when I left, it was quite dark out. As I headed toward my car I wondered if, indeed, the bright yellow water tower would glow a bit.

To be sure. A gentle beacon in the night.
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