By Paula @ Holiday World

We chuckle at the emails asking “how do we get there?” and not mentioning their location.

And the ones asking us to mail them a brochure, but they don’t include their address.

Then there are the phone calls asking, “Are you on the same time with me?” Only they don’t tell us their Time Zone.

Hey — we’ve all been there. Rest assured, we’re laughing with you.


We also receive feedback, comments, suggestions, questions, and an occasional bit of intriguing trivia.

Bahari theming

Benny gave me permission to post this tidbit of intercontinental info:

I am currently working in Manila, Philippines. Checked out the site as I am planning on being there when I get back home sometimes early June. One of my students saw the site and the page about the new wave pool … and told me that in Filippino, Bahari means “King of Flood.” It is actually made up of 2 words Baha meaning flood and Hari which means King which translates into King of Flood. I like that one better than the Swahili translation and thought I’d share it with you and maybe you would be so impressed you send me some free tickets!

Somehow, Benny, I still manage to prefer the Swahili image of “immense sea.” And sorry … we’re intrigued, certainly, but not quite that impressed.
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