By Paula @ Holiday World

Remember that truck that was on display in the Christmas plaza?

And the contest being sponsored by WBKR radio station?

The 33 finalists gathered here Saturday morning and each picked a spot on The Revolution.

A quick spin of the wheel and…

A tie.

The special arrow added to the ride just for the contest didn’t determine a clear winner.

Spin the wheel again, Vanna!

(Am I the only one who would have seriously considered getting off the ride at this point?)

This time …

…we have a winner!

And here she is, Stacy Lloyd of Utica, Kentucky,

And who’s that cutie in Stacy’s arms?

That’s her son. No one thought to ask his name, so we’ll just call him Little Squirt.

There’s a reason, you know.

Before the park opened Saturday, the truck was moved to our guest parking lot — up by the front gate in the Raven Lot.

Right next to the truck was the registration table for the 33 finalists.

As Stacy signed in, she stood Little Squirt next to her, cautioning him not to go anywhere.

He didn’t … well, not really.

He turned around, and, facing the pretty new truck … um … put in his vote for his mum to win.

Perhaps we should call him The Whizzer of Claus.

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