By Paula @ Holiday World

… and not a drop to drink.


About once a week during the season, we receive a comment that our Free Unlimited Soft Drinks selection should include water.

Well. Actually.

It does

Pepsi Oasis

If you dash in and dash out of one of the Pepsi Oasis buildings scattered throughout the parks …

… you may not see it in your haste.

But once you know to look for a separate button at the Lemonade or Iced Tea selection, you’ll never miss it again.

It’s good water, too. I get it all the time.

We’re happy to reply to these emails, letters and phone calls. Only it’s a little hard to take when we get a lecture.

At the risk of starting an international incident, I’ll relate a recent chewing out we got from a fellow from our neighboring nation to the north.

water buttonNow normally I wouldn’t mention a person’s nationality. But in his argument to “convince” us to offer water, here’s what he wrote:

Obsecity is rappant in the U.S.


Is he calling us a bunch of fatties?

I only know a few Canadians. My sister-in-law Marie-Susanne, for example.

She’s slender.

And the fellows from ProSlide are Canadian. When they came down to test out Zinga a few years back, come to think of it, they were also quite trim.


In the interest of world harmony, what about this, my new friend from the North:

I’ll take off five pounds.

And you start using SpellCheck.
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