By Paula @ Holiday World

… and not a drop to drink.


About once a week during the season, we receive a comment that that our Free Unlimited Soft Drinks selection should include water.

Well … actually … it does.

If you dash in and dash out of one of the Pepsi Oasis buildings scattered throughout the parks …

…you may not see it in your haste.

But once you know to look for a separate button at the Lemonade or Iced Tea selection, you’ll never miss it again.

It’s good water, too. I get it all the time.

We’re happy to reply to these emails, letters and phone calls. Only it’s a little hard to take when we get a lecture.

At the risk of starting an international incident, I’ll relate a recent chewing out we got from a fellow from our neighboring nation to the north.

Now normally I wouldn’t mention a person’s nationality. But in his argument to “convince” us to offer water, here’s what he wrote:

“Obsecity is rappant in the U.S.”


Is he calling us a bunch of fatties?

I only know a few Canadians. My sister-in-law Marie-Susanne, for example.

She’s slender.

And the fellows from ProSlide are Canadian. When they came down to test out Zinga a few years back, come to think of it, they were also quite trim.


In the interest of world harmony, what about this, my new friend from the North:

I’ll take off five pounds.

And you start using SpellCheck.

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