By Paula @ Holiday World

We and our friends (old and new) certainly intend to enjoy this weekend.

Who wouldn’t?

Bahari wave pool is open!

Bahari wave pool

In case you’ve been wondering where in the world we put Bahari wave pool, the above photo should help put it all in perspective. (It really is a photo, I assure you. For some reason it looks a bit like an artist’s rendering.)

Bahari has a lovely “resort” look, right on down to the fossil-bed finish on the multi-colored decking.

Let’s zoom in a bit to get a better look at the theming …

Bahari theming

There are lots of new deck chairs (which we refer to as “towel holders”). And the new Bahari Snacks food outlet even offers fresh fruit!

Okay, it’s fresh fruit dipped in chocolate, but that doesn’t cancel out the health benefits, does it?
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