By Paula @ Holiday World

… knowing, but not telling.

A burden, I tells ya!

Our ’06 announcement will be made in the coming weeks (I’ll let you know the date as soon as I have it) and some folks are getting antsy.

One fellow got so testy with me the other day, I was tempted to ask if it was “finals week.”

That probably would not have helped.

It’s time to set the record straight regarding the budget for the expansion project.

Now this isn’t the final number, but a working figure.

It’s $13.5 million.

That’s $13,500,000.00.

Quick! Someone bring the smelling salts. Mrs. Koch just keeled over.

Someone once asked her if her heart pounded the day she rode The Raven.

“Not nearly as hard as when I signed the note with the bank.”

And that was a decade ago. The Raven cost $2 million.

The Legend was $3 million in 2000; that where WTVW-TV came up with the “four times any other project” statement.

Thus concludes this week’s HoliBlog Hint.

Please check back in a week for the answer to the following question:

Is the expansion for Holiday World?

Or Splashin’ Safari?

Or both?

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