By Paula @ Holiday World

Around here we kid around about each person’s “inner geek” coming out in our work.

John knows every dimension of the new water tower.

Will can explain the mechanical workings of every ride.

Lori knows every specific water-quality number and how to balance it perfectly.

I eagerly volunteered recently to rewrite text into blocks containing no more than 240 characters and spaces.

And even our HoliBlog readers are getting in on the act.

Marc from Murphysboro emailed me this question about the new water tower:

So it should weigh 155 tons empty then; do you know the capacity of it? Then we could figure the loaded weight of it, which I bet could double perhaps.

I emailed back the answer: 500,000 gallons.

And here is Marc’s response:

From my figuring, water weighs 8.345 lbs per gallon * 500,000 gallons=4,172,500lbs of water + 310,000lbs for the structure = 4,482,500lbs total when full.

That would make it almost EXACTLY the weight of the fully-loaded and fueled space shuttle Endeavor on blastoff, and equivalent to the weight of 700 fully-fueled Hummer H2 SUVs.


Just. Wow.

Gosh, I don’t even think that way! To calculate it all out and then have another example for comparison. Never in a million years would I come up with that.

But then, it’s all geek to me!
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