By Paula @ Holiday World

Ready for more hints about our “new for 2006” expansion? 

First, let’s begin with a few housekeeping items.

1. It’s pronounced Hol-i-blog (not holly-blog). Just like hol-i-day and Hol-i-dog

2. Sorry, but the new ’06 Announcement Date hasn’t been set yet. We’ve invited a VIP to attend and are waiting to hear which date (if any) that State Official would be able to attend. When we have the date set, it will appear immediately here on the HoliBlog

3. And finally … we love to get your emails, but we don’t plan to release unannounced ’06 information through email replies. Good try, though.

Okay, down to business…

In this HoliBlog post from last week, we promised to address where next year’s $13.5 million capital expenditure budget would be spent.

Holiday World?


Splashin’ Safari?



(Gosh…my heart is pounding just writing this. I need to calm down. Deep, cleansing breaths …)

Last-minute hint: We do not plan to put all our eggs in one basket. So to speak.

The answer is …


Feel better? Is this relief … or more stress? Do you need some air? Maybe you should go lie down.

Okay … so what’s for next week?

We will answer the following question:

Which themed-section will host Holiday World’s portion of the ’06 expansion?

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