By Paula @ Holiday World

Alrighty, class, let’s review a bit before presenting the HoliHint of the Week:

1. The capital expansion budget for 2006 is $13.5 million;

2. The expansion will include both Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari;

… and last week’s HoliHint promised to answer the following question:

Which themed-section will host Holiday World’s portion of the ’06 expansion?

Let’s see…


Ho, ho … no.


Scary concept.


What about 4th of July?


Don’t think Will is going to put his “John Hancock” on that one.

So, what’s left?

A new themed section?

A new holiday?

The first in 22 years?


Which holiday?

Yeah, right. Did you really think I would give out that many details in this HoliHint of the Week?

I think we’ll save that for the big announcement.

And when will that be?

There’s a good chance we can let you know the date when we gather again for next week’s HoliHint.

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