By Paula @ Holiday World

Alrighty, class, let's review:

1. The capital expansion budget for 2006 is $13.5 million;

2. The expansion will include both Holiday World and Splashin' Safari;

…and last week's HoliHint promised to answer the following question:

Which themed-section will host Holiday World's portion of the '06 expansion?

Let's see…


Ho, ho…no.


Scary concept.


What about 4th of July?


Don't think Will is going to put his "John Hancock" on that one.

So, what's left?

A new themed section?

A new holiday?

The first in 22 years?


Which holiday?

Yeah, right … did you really think I would give out that many details?

I think we'll save that for the big announcement.

And when will that be?

There's a good chance we can let you know the date when we gather again for next week's HoliHint.

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