By Paula @ Holiday World

…it really works.

Just ask Sheldon.

He’s been a sweeper at a park for a number of years.

Really nice guy. Always a smile on his face. Good role model.

After work yesterday evening, he stopped by a local C-store for a snack.

While in line to pay, a lady noticed his park uniform and started up a conversation.

She’d been at Holiday World with her family that day and had a great time.

…until it was time to go home and she saw she had a flat tire. Rats!

An employee had cheerfully changed her tire for her and before long they were on their way. She wanted to know whom to contact at the park to say thanks for the help.

Sheldon explained the options … call, write or email. They paid for their items and said good-bye.

Moments later, Sheldon was in his truck, taking a bite of chicken.

A bone caught in his throat.

He grabbed his water, but that didn’t help. He couldn’t breathe.

Sheldon was choking.

He was still parked at the C-store. He jumped out of the truck and turned toward the people milling around the parking area. His hands reached for his throat, the universal signal for choking.

Within seconds, his friend from line ran up and grabbed him from behind.

She knew the Heimlich Maneuver, thank the good Lord.

It didn’t work the first time.

So she did it again, harder this time.

The bone came loose and Sheldon could breathe again.

He came by my office a bit ago, hoping we’d heard from the lady as he wanted to get in touch to thank her again. In the aftermath last night, he didn’t ask her name.

The Good Samaritan had already called this morning, so Sheldon has a name and a number.

And a friend for life.


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