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Holiday World LogoReady for another HoliHint?

At last, we know: On Wednesday, July 13, we will announce the 2006 expansion project.

It will be held in the Hoosier Celebration Theater at 11:00 am CDT.

Anyone visiting the park as a guest that morning is welcome to listen in and cheer with us.

So, which holiday will be announced?

Can’t tell you which one till 7/13, but we can tell you it’s one of the following (included are some rather remarkable suggestions for rides that have been suggested to us through emails and posts on Internet forums).

These HoliHints are presented in alphabetical order:

April Fools … “…with a bunch of queues with no rides.”

Arbor Day … “Will Koch likes trees – doesn’t this make sense?”

Arbour Day … (one of our Canadian neighbors suggested this one)

Easter … “How about a family/kiddie coaster called the Cotton Trail?”

Groundhog Day … “…part of a ride could go underground and pop up again…”

Mother’s Day … “Name a ride The Stork.”

New Year’s … “A coaster could be named The Countdown.”

St. Patrick’s Day … “Lots of rides for the little people.”

Thanksgiving … “Free unlimited gravy!”

Valentine’s Day … “What about The Heartbreaker?”

Only two more HoliHints to go!
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