By Paula @ Holiday World

If we’d gone to school together, I would have picked Will to be my partner in science class.

We had an email yesterday from a woman who was concerned about the notation on our website stating that the average water temperature in Splashin’ Safari is currently 85 degrees.

She asked if that water temperature was too hot to be comfortable.

I forward all emailed comments to Will and our directors. Usually, I’ve already responded to the email by then, but sometimes I ask for help.

I emailed back that hot tubs are usually set at 100-101 degrees, so 85 degrees was considerably cooler. Quite refreshing, actually.

This morning, Will sent me a slightly more sophisticated explanation:

Most people don’t understand that because of water’s high specific heat capacity, water of a given temperature (say 85 degrees) can cool a guest much more effectively than air at the same temperature. Eight-five-degree water feels cool to us humans while 85-degree air feels hot (our bodies are at 98.6, of course). We are all constantly giving off heat, and the water is better able to “absorb” it than the air around us. Seventy-degree water feels downright frigid. Anything below 78 to 80 would be described as “cold.”

Who says working at a theme park isn’t an educational experience?
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