By Paula @ Holiday World

A: When Will says it’s blue!

Here’s the story …

Will planned to replace the boats at Raging Rapids over the course of two years. A few last year, but most of them this season. Boats were ordered last fall, in plenty of time for the new season.

The boats were to be the same colors as before — the official Holiday World colors: red, yellow, and blue.

The red, yellow and blue boats only recently arrived. Red, yellow, and …

green boats
What’s that?

The yellow and red boats are true to form.

But the what about the others?

Aren’t they …?

green boats that should have been blue

Checking with Will only added to the confusion.

“That is one of our new blue boats,” he deadpanned. “We ordered blue boats. These are the blue boats.”

Okay …

So when you head over to Raging Rapids during your next visit, it’ll help to know that when the Host or Hostess invites your family to climb into the blue boat … well, it’s best to just go along for the ride.

the blue boat that's really green
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