By Paula @ Holiday World

We’ve received a number of emails from people following our Phone Find post the other day.

Here’s another clever idea, from Jeffery S. in Crane, Indiana:

Excellent idea!

I have another that I don’t mind you passing along to your youthful guests who may be afraid that their parents may get lost during their visit.

A few years back, when my family made an extended visit to one of your “magical” competitors, we took along one of the one-shot, instant-develop cameras.

Each morning, before leaving the hotel, we’d snap off two pictures of our (then) three-and-a-half year old son in the outfit of the day; one for mom to carry with her, and one for dad. That way, if we ever got lost, all we had to do was show the helpful employees the picture we’d taken, and they’d be able to help us get reunited.

We thankfully never had to use them for that purpose, but at the end of the vacation, we had 10 great little pictures of our son!

Love the blog!

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