By Paula @ Holiday World

Can it really be? Drumroll, please: Our final HoliHint?

And I mean FINAL … this is driving me nuts! (Whose idea was this, anyway? Oh, never mind …)

You already know a few important numbers … $13.5 million for the budget plus 7/13/05 and 11:00 am for the announcement.

What’s left?

Here are a few more numbers to tickle your imagination along with silly (or not?) guesses. Another drumroll: 

  • 24.2 seconds (the length of my scream?)
  • 66 degrees (an air-conditioned ride?)
  • 84 persons (new helpers for the PR Department?)
  • 20 feet wide (this applies to both parks’ projects)
  • 60 years (how long it will be before we offer weekly HoliHints again!)

Hang in there! The drumroll can only last so long.

All (well, nearly all) will be revealed next Wednesday!
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