By Paula @ Holiday World

Thanks to WEHT-TV you won’t have to miss hearing our 2006 plans, even if you’re sitting at your desk, halfway around the world, pretending to be hard at work.

Our local ABC affiliate has arranged to have their very cool satellite truck here on Wednesday. (Once you’re in the biz, you know to refer to it as a “sat truck.”)

WEHT-TV will provide a live stream of our announcement on their website. (Gotta catch it live; it won’t be archived.)

It’ll be available starting shortly before 11:00 am CDT/EST. (Please figure out the time thing now … by tomorrow morning, it may be too late!)

Just head over to their website and click on the Holiday World logo.

Will’s presentation will begin precisely at the top of the hour; we expect the announcement to last approximately 15 minutes.

If you live in the Evansville market and are a Sigecom digital cable customer, you can also tune in on Channel D-WEHT.

Will plans to talk about the new additions to both parks. He’ll reveal the new holiday-themed section. And he’ll take us on the ride of our lives. (And that’s no eggs-ageration.)

We sincerely hope to meet a bunch of our friends from HoliBlogLand (no, that is NOT the new section!) tomorrow. Thanks so much for all the sweet emails from so many of you the past few days.

We know now more than ever…

We are truly blessed.
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