By Paula @ Holiday World

Congratulations on all of the hard work you put into the HoliBlog and the HoliHints. You did a fantastic job of keeping your audience glued for weeks, and building the anticipation for today’s announcements.

As for the announcements, well, I’m blown away by the sheer scope of it.

Simply Incredible.

Growing up in Kentucky, and knowing of Santa Claus Land from the brochures I’d eagerly grab from the brochure racks at area hotels, I would have never believed that the park would grow to have three amazing wooden coasters, and an equally amazing water park.

Now that I’m grown up, and live in California, I am already making plans for next summer. A trip to Indiana is certainly a requirement.

Having been fortunate enough to be at the Press Day for the Raven, I can still remember telling the reporter from the Evansville paper that HW had “a world-class ride,” and his disbelieving look. I know he thought I was a shill or an employee.

Well, that comment has turned out to be an understatement, and I couldn’t be happier for you, the Kochs, and the entire HW family.

I hope that you have the good fortune to have reporters from around the world tell you how incredible The Voyage is when it opens next year.

May you have a safe and successful season,

Bret J. “blown away”

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