By Paula @ Holiday World

Still losing the battle of the emails. (At last count, I’d reduced my Inbox from 154 to 129 emails. All were full of questions.)

Since so many folks are asking the same questions, here are some quick answers.

1. Yes, the HoliBlog will continue.

2. Yes, the HoliBlog will provide ongoing construction updates and photos.

3. Yes, your humble servant will continue to insert puns whenever possible. (Actually, no one asked that.)

4. Yes, the new-section layout is available on our website. Scroll down the page and click on the Thanksgiving logo.

5. We put all the graphics on our website — we’re not holding back! We’ll add more information and graphics as they become available.

6. No, that isn’t a “wild turkey” flying in the on-ride version of the ride simulation. According to Chad at The Gravity Group: I’m not positive, but I think it’s a left-over piece of foliage from a tree that was modified or moved, and never got deleted. We had joked that it looked like a stealth bomber. Sorry that it’s not a more interesting story.
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