By Paula @ Holiday World

Just got in from taking a newspaper editor from Muncie on a tour of the park.

Big surprise — it was raining. (It’s been a bad week in that department, thanks to remnants of Hurricane Dennis.)

She and her party didn’t want a rain poncho, so I didn’t feel right putting up my umbrella, since it wasn’t large enough to shelter everyone.

We got down to the water park at about 10:30 am, and had to “cross the chains” to continue our tour.

Usually this is rather intimidating, as a mass of swimsuit-clad guests push toward us, hoping to follow us in without us noticing. But those chains stay up until precisely 11:00 am.

“Sorry…just 20 more minutes and we’ll be ready to go! Thanks for coming!”

With the steady drizzle (we convinced ourselves it was good for our complexion), there weren’t too many people waiting.

The ones who were waiting to start their visit in the water park stood patiently by the chains … in their swimsuits and bare feet …

Huddled under umbrellas.

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