By Paula @ Holiday World

Well, I guess we got your attention!

Man, oh, man.

When I asked the producer who was on site yesterday from WEHT TV if he knew how many people would have been able to stream our announcement before their site sent out "NO MORE!" error messages, he said, "Forty thousand."

Forty thousand?

As in…40,000?


And I just heard from the creator of CoasterBuzz … my friend Jeff sent his compliments, along with this message: CoasterBuzz set its record for simultaneous users Wednesday around 12:30 EDT. We had about 2,000 unique users hitting us at once. That's more "buzz" than Millennium Force, X, Dragster, Kingda Ka … any of the big announcements in the last five years.

I'd say Holiday World made the right decision.

Yes, we're definitely getting that impression.

And if one more person emails me suggestion we name the three coaster trains the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria, I'm going to cry.

Those were Christopher Columbus's ships … back in 1492.

We're talking more modern times (and the Mayflower) which sailed in 1620.

Okay, I admit it, I had to double check those facts, too.

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