By Paula @ Holiday World

That’s right – worms!

A lady called for more information about her upcoming visit. When our Call Center operator asked if she needed to make group reservations, since she was bringing a busload, she said she’d won a contest and already had her tickets.

“I ate worms.”

Excuse me, ma’am?

“To win the contest, I had to eat a bowl of worms. It was down to me and another woman. Then we had to eat a bowl of spaghetti.

“She gagged on the spaghetti, so I won”

Oh, yes.

Of course.

Imagine having to eat pasta!

The operator was so stunned, she didn’t ask for more details. We’re guessing it was one of those zany radio stations holding a contest.

So if you’re in line to ride The Raven and you catch a whiff of “worm breath,” you might want to sit in front of the lady, not behind.

Definitely, not behind.
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