By Paula @ Holiday World

It was so nice to wake up this morning to see this article in USA Today. (Their circulation is a whopping 2.2 million, baby!)

Will did the phone interview with the reporter a month or so ago.

I always try to sit in on these interviews. Not that I “catch” a mistake all that often, but I do tend to learn a thing or two.

Will’s strongest statement in the article is that building Splashin’ Safari “… is the best business decision we ever made.”

(Of course, when he tells this to a travel writer during a park tour, I pipe up, “Next to hiring me, of course!” A bit obnoxious, admittedly, but it always gets a laugh. From the writer, anyway…)

Later in the phone interview, Will nearly gave me a heart attack with this quote.

“You know if I had to choose between our coasters or the water park

“I’d keep Splashin’ Safari”


Will — how could you?! Making a choice? And then talking about it?

Don’t you know the first rule of Parenting Q&A: I love you all equally.

Happily, such a decision doesn’t have to be made.

And no one need know Will’s dirty little secret.
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