By Paula @ Holiday World

Here’s a lovely note from some Disney World cast members.

In 1948 my Mother, Father and I came to Santa Claus Land, at Santa Claus, Indiana.

I thought it was great. Boy, have you changed! ( I still have picture of that trip.)

On July 5, 2005, 14 of my family members came to Holiday World.

We had a great time. For one of the members, it was his first trip to a theme park. He really liked it. He is 13 years old.

My husband and I have worked at Walt Disney World for seven years.

Your park rates right up there. It was clean and employees were informed.

The free Pepsi was something you would never receive at Walt Disney World.

The day was a day we all will never forget. I hope in my lifetime to come again.

We live in Florida all the time that is why we work five days per week at Walt Disney World. It is fun to be a cast member at Walt Disney World and enjoy all the benefits.

It was great to have 14 family members at your park.

Thank you for a GREAT time.

Kathy Z.
Davenport, Florida

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