By Paula @ Holiday World

Suffering from feelings of extreme inadequacy while creating yesterday’s HoliBlog post, I realized it was time for me to ask an expert.

After all, this watching-The-Voyage-grow-and-grow will only get more complicated in the coming weeks, right?

Happily, Chad at The Gravity Group is more than happy to educate us:

Most of what the guys are doing right now (when they’re not pouring concrete) is digging holes and trenches, bending and tying up rebar cages (the steel reinforcement that adds strength to the concrete foundations), forming up the holes and trenches (so that the concrete that’s above ground is nice and square or round), and setting the anchor straps in place (the lower portion of which get buried in the concrete). Each foundation has to meet up perfectly with the post that will attach to it, so position along the ground is important as well as the top of concrete elevation.

The foundations we are using on this job are different than the other two coasters – but not completely – due to the fact that we are using steel structure. It also has to do with new ASTM requirements, site and soil conditions, and The Gravity Group’s evolving design philosophy.

Thanks, Chad. We’ll check in again with you soon.

No doubt you’ll keep us right on track.
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