By Paula @ Holiday World

Rachel, who is truly a wonderful person, offered to head up to the Voyage construction site this morning. She set out before it got too hot to take some photos for you.

All together now: Thank you, Rachel!

Let’s start out by looking from side to side at the top of the hill when you drive up the Snowy White Gravel Road.

At the top of the hill, you’re in the woods.

The road curves from heading west to heading south. At this curve, Rachel stood … and looked to the east:

early Voyage construction
As you look at this photo, the path of The Voyage is coming your way. It’s heading north and then curves westward, toward the turnaround.

Next Rachel spins 180 degrees (which, coincidentally, was the average temperature today).

This photo shows the path toward the turnaround.

early Voyage construction
Next, Rachel drove back onto Highway 162 and into the employees-only parking lot.

From there, she headed north back up toward the woods (to the east of The Wave).


Pouring footers was the task of the day

early Voyage construction

These are very different-looking footers than we saw in the construction of The Raven and The Legend.

This is because The Voyage will have a steel structure and wooden track.

early Voyage construction
See the footers that are already there? Right next to the road? And then off in the distance, there’s a cluster of workers over by an existing footer.

early Voyage construction
I’m sorry to say I have no idea what these fellows are doing.

I’ll try to find out and will report back here when I do.

early Voyage construction
Okay, now that’s a drill, right? And he’s drilling into what looks like the type of footers we had for the other coasters.

early Voyage construction

There will soon be enough footers in place for them to start putting up structure.

And going vertical is a very good thing.
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